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 Clothing Label Packs
These name label packs are specifically designed for nursing residents. Offering great value these packs include a se…
Iron On Name Labels
Iron on clothing name tags are suitable both for clothing and other laundry items including bedding and fabrics in a…
Sew On Name Labels
Sew on clothes name tags are suitable both for clothing and other laundry items including bedding in a residenti…
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Stick on vinyl name labels are really useful for keeping track of residents possessions including glasses cases, mobi…
Tagg On Name Labels
Tagg on clothes name labels are perfect for a respite stay or a longer term stay in a  nursing home. These labels cli…
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About the Nursing Home Label Company USA

Leading supplier of clothing name labels designed specifically for the needs of care and nursing home residents across the USA, Canada and worldwide. FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $25.

All our labels are specifically designed for use in nursing homes. They have been tested to withstand the laundry processes used and are designed to be as smooth as possible for sensitive skin.

For shorter respite stays we can supply smaller quantities of iron on or stick on clothing labels. The most popular choice though is our tagg on name label; this label can be applied in seconds to virtually all clothing items and are suitable for high temperature washes.

For longer care stays we offer a range of name labels in larger quantities and packs which include sew on clothing labels, labels for personal possessions and shoe labels.

It is so important to properly label all of a residents clothing and possessions when they move to a nursing home.

Unmarked clothing quickly goes missing in the laundry room, causing upset to both the resident and their family. Everything should be properly labeled including socks and underwear. 

If you need to label clothing very quickly then a laundry marker pen may work in the short-term. These tend to fade with repeated washing though, so we always recommend you use properly designed clothing name labels for anything other than a short stay.


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This care site is operated by The Name Label Company. Using our knowledge and experience we’ve designed this range of name labels specifically for the needs of care home residents.

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